Monday, July 19, 2010

Ed kicks off National PBS Pledge Drive in Atlanta

Ed Slott kicked off his National PBS Pledge Drive for the NEW Public Television Special, "Lower Your Taxes Now & Forever" on Monday, July 19 in at PBA Studios in Atlanta, GA.

UPDATED 2:05 pm ET: A tentative schedule is beginning to form for Ed Slott's National Pledge Drive. All of these dates are subject to change, and you should contact your local Public Television Station for firm dates.

Tuesday, July 20: WEDU Tampa, FL 9-11 pm
Wednesday, July 21: WPBT Miami, FL 12-4 pm
Thursday, July 22: WMHT Albany, NY
Monday, August 2: MPT Baltimore, MD
Tuesday, August 3: KQED San Francisco, CA 7-9:30 pm
Thursday, August 5: KOCE Huntington Beach, CA 7-9 pm
Tuesday, August 10: WQED Pittsburgh, PA 8-10 pm
Monday, September 13: UNC Raleigh-Durham, NC 8-10 pm

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