Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep Money Flowing in Retirement, Health Care Options, Pensions Left Out in Cold

Each day, One Day Closer provides the articles from across the worldwide web that help you move one day closer to a sound financial situation, a retirement you always envisioned, a safe and secure financial future for you and your family. This will be added to throughout the day with important articles.

Quote of the Day:
In retirement, every day is Boss Day and every day is Employee Appreciation Day.

Articles of the Day:
An interesting study in "bad" parenting. Do poor parents eventually lower their children's credit scores? http://sm.wsj.com/rrklYX 

True or false: Target-date funds guarantee retirement success? Find out one theory in this article. http://bit.ly/rHyrjH

This Barron's article explains how you can keep money flowing (up to 7% investment income) during retirement. http://on.barrons.com/sx9QNV

The quicker you face this fact, the better for your long-term financial future: You will NOT spend less in retirement. http://read.bi/vqK5fc

We are in open enrollment season. Here is a tip-laden article on how to choose your perfect health plan. http://bit.ly/vn1B8c

Sadly, in this economic climate, pensions are being left out in the cold. http://onforb.es/sHFKkx

The father of the 401(k) is proud of his invention, but he also feels that he created a monster.

Low interest rates are changing the retirement equation. http://bit.ly/w1mJI7

What is the most common mistake that financial advisors make? Find out in this article and video. http://bit.ly/s7FS1t

For financial advisors: How to recruit young investors? http://bit.ly/tutZ4x

Be in the right 50%! 50% of the United States lacks basic economic security. http://bit.ly/ue4a0A

Here is a plan to deal with health care costs in retirement. http://bit.ly/tA8jYk