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Decision 2012: The Slott Report to Cover Election Issues Next Week

We are just over 3 weeks from Election Day, and our airwaves (especially if you reside in one of the swing battleground states) will be inundated with negative advertising down the home stretch. Viewers will also get a chance to see both presidential candidates appear on the same stage twice in the next week as the presidential debates wrap up on October 16 and October 22.

ed slott election IRA, tax and retirement planning issuesNext week, The Slott Report pushes away all of the rhetoric and examines the IRA, tax and retirement planning issues on the table in the 2012 Election.  We previewed our work with Jeff Levine's article on if Republican candidate Mitt Romney's proposed $17K-cap on itemized deductions would affect IRA deductions. 

These are the types of topics you can expect next week, no partisan spin, just tangible facts on the IRA, tax and retirement planning issues facing voters today and what could change or stay the same depending on the outcome in November.

Is there a topic you want us to discuss or a question you want answered?  Send it to [email protected] by Friday for a chance to have it brought up in our Election Week rendition of The Slott Report Mailbag.  Otherwise, here is a sneak peak at some of the issues we will examine during Election Week - October 22-26.

  • 10 ways you COULD pay higher taxes next year
  • The little-discussed tax inside the Affordable Care Act: the 0.9% Medicare tax on wages and self-employment income
  • An "Election Matters" video with the important topics of this election season


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Thursday's Slott Report Mailbag

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Can I transfer money from my IRA to my husband's Roth IRA? I am 35, and he is 36.

Thank you!

Gail Clements

No. The only way your IRA funds can be transferred to your husband’s IRA is in a divorce or after your death. Even then, it would have to be transferred to a similar IRA, for example an IRA to IRA or a Roth IRA to another Roth IRA. In this case, you cannot transfer your IRA into your husband’s Roth IRA.